Bolton Gymnastics will be closed for the forseeable following government advice and guidelines. We advise all to practise social distancing and isolation where necessary. Take care and we will (hopefully) see you soon!

We have had a Committee meeting this evening where we have discussed the recent developments with Covid-19 and the country’s response with how to deal with this.
Collectively we have decided that BGC need to do our part in helping save lives and reduce the risk.
This means, unfortunately, the centre is now closed with immediate effect.
This is not a decision that we have taken lightly, we know that many will be very disappointed in this as they were hoping for a few more sessions.
We need to do what is best for staff and children and their families with respiratory/immune and health conditions and continuing classes is putting some at unnecessary risk. Together as a nation, we need to take this isolation period seriously and sacrifices must be made.
It's now late, it has been a long evening, however tonight, together we spoke and planned on how we can still make the centre an amazing community even if it moves to online. The suggestions have been amazing and coupled with the plans we have already started to put in place we will soon be able to put out a full breakdown. We will be having flexible class time activities and also structured time slots. As children are off school they will need structure, set times and days where we log online and have a coach live stream directly to your home. We also are very aware of how isolation can feel for a child and are putting together fun ways where they can interact using our systems and we have team games online planned.
If this progresses to be longer than expected, we may also be lending out apparatus to those that need the help to practice at home. It’s been a very long few days and I hope you don’t feel like we have given up too early. We instead have just moved our resources to focus on the future of most children being off school and speeding up getting these resources out.
Please be aware the centre may be closed as a building but there is a team of fully qualified coaches, that will be delivering a number of hours of activities per week for every member. The gym will be continuing, please do not jump to cancel your direct debits until you have seen what we are prepared to give you and keep going.
In order for the centre to still be here after this period of difficult times, we need every member to get behind us and we promise you we will deliver an amazing service that will be unrivalled by any other company anywhere and the value for money will be outstanding. Please, before being quick to cancel, allow us the next few weeks to prove to you that the service is worth saving and will be of great value to you and your children over the coming weeks.
For those that stay with us through this difficult time, coaches have all agreed tonight that we will take difficult sacrifices now to weather this period, but then also volunteer additional hours once we open again to enable us to facilitate every member to receive time lost to be made back by extra hours training. This is as well as receiving the home gymnastics programmes and services provided throughout the closed schools period. Please reassure your child that they will still see their friends and coaches as the first thing we are working on is the social section and initial class programmes.
Please stay safe and look after your loved ones.