Spring into Success!

The first BGC Competition was an overwhelming success yesteray. With a packed programme we came through it (almost on time, thanks to everyone at Ordall Leisure Centre for being understanding) – with over 450 athletes competing.

We hope that each and every athlete enjoyed their day and every parent, grandparent and friend was as proud as we were of them all. It was the first competition for many and we know how nervous they were but they all gave it their absolute all.

Huge thanks go out to firstly all the clubs that attended the competition – thanks for your participation and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we all did.

Secondly a big thanks to all the BGC volunteers that gave up one of their days off work to do an extra long days work preparing food, setting up, serving, painting faces (which were brilliant by the way), cleaning, registering athletes and lots more. Big thanks to our junior leaders and helpers who were a great help orgnasing the athletes. Without you all we couldn’t have done it.

Not forgetting our coaches who gave up their day too and also to everyone who judged – and there was a lot to judge!

Finally a huge thanks to Jess & Victoria who had a hellish few weeks getting everything ready and organising the whole event – there is a lot, lot more to it than you think!

About 20 thanks in that and each one well deserved! Hope I’ve not forgotten anyone.

For anyone who wants the scores, please find them attached below.


Thanks (again)

Club Chairman