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Spring Into Gymnastics 2017 Competition

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to our very first floor and vault competition. The competition will be held on Saturday 1st April at Ordsall sports centre, Salford.

This competition will be low level and for both boys and girls. Anyone who has competed in a regional F&V or grades will not be able to enter.

We are looking forward to hosting our first competition and look forward to seeing you all there.

The address of the arena is: Fit City Ordsall, Craven Drive, Ordsall, Salford, M5 3DJ

For level 1 it is a strip of sprung floor – the gymnasts will have maximum 4m x 12m. For level 2 it is half of a sprung floor – the gymnasts will have maximum
6m x 12m. For levels 3+ the gymnasts have the full sprung floor.

Car Parking is limited, there is car parking outside Salford Quays and also streets around the Leisure Centre.
Food and Drink
There will be a tuck shop area for, coffees, teas, sandwiches and other hot food items can be bought here. Please ensure spectators are careful with hot drinks into the Sports Arena due to health and safety.
There will be official photographers DE photos at the event, the photos will be available to purchase on the Day and will also be uploaded online. Please remember not to use flash photography.
Leotard Stall
Stretchy Saturday will on site selling leotards, t-shirts and other gymnastics items.

Who can take part?
Children who participate in Badge/Beginner classes only. Children participating in Leisure Centre / Community Club programmes. Age 3 +
Regular class times of 45mins per week or one hour per week maximum. (in some circumstances gymnasts may do this competition if they really struggle to handstand flat back in level 2 and are still a low level although may train 2 hours a week) Usually gymnasts’ first competition or for very inexperienced competitors.


U5s Minimum 2 section box – squat on stretch jump off – start value 12.50
U6, U7, U 8s: Min. 3 section. Box – squat on/ straddle on stretch jump off – start value 12.00 squat through or straddle through 12.50
U9’s+, U10’s Min. 4 sect. box up to a maximum 5 section box – squat/straddle on stretch jump off – start value 12.00 squat through or straddle through 12.50


Gymnasts compete 6 elements from the BAGA or Junior Code list. The floor routine needs to be a sequence (dance not necessary) No music. Strip of floor mats


1. Balance (0.5) 2. Roll (0.5) 3. Jump (0.5) 4. Flexibility Element (0.5)
Start Value 10.00 plus 0.5 for each requirement and then 0.1 difficulty value for every skill on the list up to a difficulty value maximum of 0.6.
EG: balance on one leg, stretch up forwards roll to straddle, dish, roll to arch, front support, jump in to stand stretch jump ½ turn skip forwards slide down to
splits. < this hits all 4 requirements plus maximum 6 skills counted so it is the maximum start value is 12.60

You can download a full information pack here: Bolton Gymnastics Spring into Gymnastics 2017 Floor and Vault