Cheer Comp 101

For anyone who hasn’t done a cheer competition before, I thought I’d just put this post together to try and answer as many questions I can.

Important point to note: It’s a LONG DAY!
It’s going to be a very long but very enjoyable day, bring everything you can think of – books, butties, drinks, crisps, pillows, kitchen sink etc etc Food is available at the Arena but may be pricey!!

^———— Make sure you read this if nothing else!!

Comp location:

Barclaycard Arena
King Edwards Rd,
Birmingham, West
B1 2AA

There is parking I am currently trying to find out if booking a space is necessary as for some events it is.

Dual Arenas

Dream Extreme features dual arenas:

Introducing Freedom Arena and Honor Arena! Both arenas will feature fabulous routines and awards celebrations throughout the weekend. We will post which arena each team is competing when this is finalised.
Spectator tickets grant access to both arenas, and you are free to go back and forth as you wish all day.

When you arrive to Barclaycard Arena for Dream Extreme, proceed to Door F to enter. You’ll find door F on the Concourse Level. This is accessible from both the north & south car parks.
You will have a wristband for entry if you ordered tickets in advance via the club otherwise you will need to collect your wristband on the door.

We have 7 teams competing and they are all named after birthstones – they are as follows:
Opal, Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire, Onyx, Topaz and Tanzanite

The registration time you are given is the time every athlete in that team should be with their team coach/supervisor. They MUST be in complete uniform with hair complete and bow in.

These are the registration times for each team, please be ready in plenty of time:

Opal 7am
Amethyst 7am
Ruby 8am
Sapphire 9am
Onyx 4:30pm
Topaz and Tanzanite 5pm

Give yourself plenty of time to get to the arena and get parked up.

Once your child has been registered they will be escorted with a coach into holding where they will begin to warm up and get ready to compete. Please don’t message coaches at this point as you will not get a reply, You will be contacted if there is a problem (there won’t be).

Time on the mat is approximately 1 hour after registration so you have plenty of time to get seated and calm your nerves. If all parents could sit together, that would be great, more noise and also some parents are new.

After competing athletes usually find the nearest plug socket to congregate round and they are then officially back under parental control. Please note that BGC code of conduct applies – ALL ATHLETES ARE REPRESENTING THE CLUB AND SHOULD ACT ACCORDINGLY AT ALL TIMES!

There will be stalls selling bows, t-shirts etc etc so be prepared to be constantly asked to buy something.

Please note the following
While this is most definitely a competition we are here to have an enjoyable time
Your child will be nervous (you will be more nervous though) – please don’t add additional pressures (“This has cost me a fortune…get out there and…”)
They are out there as a team, support them all
If something goes wrong, it’s no individuals failing, they are out there as a team
Don’t analyse the performance on the journey home, let them enjoy the day as a whole


Awards for Opal, Amethyst, Ruby and Sapphire will be around lunch time.

Awards for all other teams/groups will be around 10pm

You do not have to stay for both presentations BUT it would be appreciated if you could stay to support ALL BGC performances.


Our last performance times are approximately 6.00pm – we understand that this may be a long time for some of the younger children, but if we could have as many staying that would be great.

Hair etc

Please see the Facebook page for details of how the hair should look – IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS PLEASE JUST ASK!

Nails must be trimmed fully, if any nail can be seen when the palm of the hand is face up your child will not be able to compete. There is no movement on this rule.

Spray tans: these are in no way compulsory although some athletes will be having them – do not feel pressured that this is a “must”

Tickets and Uniforms

These will be given out as soon as they arrive, the minute they arrive you will be the first to know, please don’t panic about them not being here, I’ll do that for you!

New Parents in Particular

Not all cheer mums (or dads) bite! Don’t be afraid to ask ANY QUESTIONS as everyone is there to help and support each other, I realise all this may be daunting for newcomers but we’re all there together as a team (parents and athletes) – if anyone has anymore questions PLEASE ASK on Facebook, if you don’t want to ask publicly then message me or email, failing that ask me at the gym (I’m the one with the “salt and pepper” hair and the body warmer).

Here’s to a fantastic day out – enjoy!