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Spring into Success!

The first BGC Competition was an overwhelming success yesteray. With a packed programme we came through it (almost on time, thanks to everyone at Ordall Leisure Centre for being understanding) – with over 450 athletes competing.

We hope that each and every athlete enjoyed their day and every parent, grandparent and friend was as proud as we were of them all. It was the first competition for many and we know how nervous they were but they all gave it their absolute all.

Huge thanks go out to firstly all the clubs that attended the competition – thanks for your participation and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we all did.

Secondly a big thanks to all the BGC volunteers that gave up one of their days off work to do an extra long days work preparing food, setting up, serving, painting faces (which were brilliant by the way), cleaning, registering athletes and lots more. Big thanks to our junior leaders and helpers who were a great help orgnasing the athletes. Without you all we couldn’t have done it.

Not forgetting our coaches who gave up their day too and also to everyone who judged – and there was a lot to judge!

Finally a huge thanks to Jess & Victoria who had a hellish few weeks getting everything ready and organising the whole event – there is a lot, lot more to it than you think!

About 20 thanks in that and each one well deserved! Hope I’ve not forgotten anyone.

For anyone who wants the scores, please find them attached below.


Thanks (again)

Club Chairman

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Cheer Comp 101

For anyone who hasn’t done a cheer competition before, I thought I’d just put this post together to try and answer as many questions I can.

Important point to note: It’s a LONG DAY!
It’s going to be a very long but very enjoyable day, bring everything you can think of – books, butties, drinks, crisps, pillows, kitchen sink etc etc Food is available at the Arena but may be pricey!!

^———— Make sure you read this if nothing else!!

Comp location:

Barclaycard Arena
King Edwards Rd,
Birmingham, West
B1 2AA

There is parking I am currently trying to find out if booking a space is necessary as for some events it is.

Dual Arenas

Dream Extreme features dual arenas:

Introducing Freedom Arena and Honor Arena! Both arenas will feature fabulous routines and awards celebrations throughout the weekend. We will post which arena each team is competing when this is finalised.
Spectator tickets grant access to both arenas, and you are free to go back and forth as you wish all day.

When you arrive to Barclaycard Arena for Dream Extreme, proceed to Door F to enter. You’ll find door F on the Concourse Level. This is accessible from both the north & south car parks.
You will have a wristband for entry if you ordered tickets in advance via the club otherwise you will need to collect your wristband on the door.

We have 7 teams competing and they are all named after birthstones – they are as follows:
Opal, Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire, Onyx, Topaz and Tanzanite

The registration time you are given is the time every athlete in that team should be with their team coach/supervisor. They MUST be in complete uniform with hair complete and bow in.

These are the registration times for each team, please be ready in plenty of time:

Opal 7am
Amethyst 7am
Ruby 8am
Sapphire 9am
Onyx 4:30pm
Topaz and Tanzanite 5pm

Give yourself plenty of time to get to the arena and get parked up.

Once your child has been registered they will be escorted with a coach into holding where they will begin to warm up and get ready to compete. Please don’t message coaches at this point as you will not get a reply, You will be contacted if there is a problem (there won’t be).

Time on the mat is approximately 1 hour after registration so you have plenty of time to get seated and calm your nerves. If all parents could sit together, that would be great, more noise and also some parents are new.

After competing athletes usually find the nearest plug socket to congregate round and they are then officially back under parental control. Please note that BGC code of conduct applies – ALL ATHLETES ARE REPRESENTING THE CLUB AND SHOULD ACT ACCORDINGLY AT ALL TIMES!

There will be stalls selling bows, t-shirts etc etc so be prepared to be constantly asked to buy something.

Please note the following
While this is most definitely a competition we are here to have an enjoyable time
Your child will be nervous (you will be more nervous though) – please don’t add additional pressures (“This has cost me a fortune…get out there and…”)
They are out there as a team, support them all
If something goes wrong, it’s no individuals failing, they are out there as a team
Don’t analyse the performance on the journey home, let them enjoy the day as a whole


Awards for Opal, Amethyst, Ruby and Sapphire will be around lunch time.

Awards for all other teams/groups will be around 10pm

You do not have to stay for both presentations BUT it would be appreciated if you could stay to support ALL BGC performances.


Our last performance times are approximately 6.00pm – we understand that this may be a long time for some of the younger children, but if we could have as many staying that would be great.

Hair etc

Please see the Facebook page for details of how the hair should look – IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS PLEASE JUST ASK!

Nails must be trimmed fully, if any nail can be seen when the palm of the hand is face up your child will not be able to compete. There is no movement on this rule.

Spray tans: these are in no way compulsory although some athletes will be having them – do not feel pressured that this is a “must”

Tickets and Uniforms

These will be given out as soon as they arrive, the minute they arrive you will be the first to know, please don’t panic about them not being here, I’ll do that for you!

New Parents in Particular

Not all cheer mums (or dads) bite! Don’t be afraid to ask ANY QUESTIONS as everyone is there to help and support each other, I realise all this may be daunting for newcomers but we’re all there together as a team (parents and athletes) – if anyone has anymore questions PLEASE ASK on Facebook, if you don’t want to ask publicly then message me or email, failing that ask me at the gym (I’m the one with the “salt and pepper” hair and the body warmer).

Here’s to a fantastic day out – enjoy!


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Burnley Competition February 18th 2017

On Sunday 18th February 34 gymnasts travelled to Burnley to compete in a 2piece floor and vault competition.
Overall BGC gained 7 bronze medals, 12 silver medals and 15 Gold. Lana Pasarello came 1st overall in her age group.

On the weekend of the 25th/26th February 18 gymnasts travelled to Liverpool to take part in the angel of the north competition.

Regional grade 6, Millie Taylor, Lucie Bates and Izabella Walmsley

Regional grade 5, Layla Hargreaves

Regional Grade 4, Hannah Klajic, Libbi Thomas,  Freya Hayes Marsden, Katie Wood, Isobel Monk, Madison Disley and Holly Spence.

Regional grade 3, Megan Taylor, Lucie Olive, Lucy Jolly and Kayleigh Weston

Regional grade 2, Heidi Robinson and Hannah Howarth
Regional grade 1, Maddison bell.

Holly Spence, Heidi Robinson and Maddison Bell placed top 7 overall in their grade.

Once again it was 100% pass rate for the club and we came away with 1 pass, 8 commended and 9 distinctions.

All coaches are very proud of the all gymnasts that have competed over the past 3 weekend, what an amazing start to the year for the club.

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Competition Photos


We’ve had such a successful comps over the past 3 weekends we would like to share the glory!

BURNLEY – Thursday 2nd March 6.30pm @ gym

GM and Liverpool grades – Thursday 2nd March 7pm

Japan worlds team – Sunday 5th March

Please can all gymnasts come in comp leotards and hair in Neat bun, bring all medals and certificates with you.

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Spring Into Gymnastics 2017 Competition

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to our very first floor and vault competition. The competition will be held on Saturday 1st April at Ordsall sports centre, Salford.

This competition will be low level and for both boys and girls. Anyone who has competed in a regional F&V or grades will not be able to enter.

We are looking forward to hosting our first competition and look forward to seeing you all there.

The address of the arena is: Fit City Ordsall, Craven Drive, Ordsall, Salford, M5 3DJ

For level 1 it is a strip of sprung floor – the gymnasts will have maximum 4m x 12m. For level 2 it is half of a sprung floor – the gymnasts will have maximum
6m x 12m. For levels 3+ the gymnasts have the full sprung floor.

Car Parking is limited, there is car parking outside Salford Quays and also streets around the Leisure Centre.
Food and Drink
There will be a tuck shop area for, coffees, teas, sandwiches and other hot food items can be bought here. Please ensure spectators are careful with hot drinks into the Sports Arena due to health and safety.
There will be official photographers DE photos at the event, the photos will be available to purchase on the Day and will also be uploaded online. Please remember not to use flash photography.
Leotard Stall
Stretchy Saturday will on site selling leotards, t-shirts and other gymnastics items.

Who can take part?
Children who participate in Badge/Beginner classes only. Children participating in Leisure Centre / Community Club programmes. Age 3 +
Regular class times of 45mins per week or one hour per week maximum. (in some circumstances gymnasts may do this competition if they really struggle to handstand flat back in level 2 and are still a low level although may train 2 hours a week) Usually gymnasts’ first competition or for very inexperienced competitors.


U5s Minimum 2 section box – squat on stretch jump off – start value 12.50
U6, U7, U 8s: Min. 3 section. Box – squat on/ straddle on stretch jump off – start value 12.00 squat through or straddle through 12.50
U9’s+, U10’s Min. 4 sect. box up to a maximum 5 section box – squat/straddle on stretch jump off – start value 12.00 squat through or straddle through 12.50


Gymnasts compete 6 elements from the BAGA or Junior Code list. The floor routine needs to be a sequence (dance not necessary) No music. Strip of floor mats


1. Balance (0.5) 2. Roll (0.5) 3. Jump (0.5) 4. Flexibility Element (0.5)
Start Value 10.00 plus 0.5 for each requirement and then 0.1 difficulty value for every skill on the list up to a difficulty value maximum of 0.6.
EG: balance on one leg, stretch up forwards roll to straddle, dish, roll to arch, front support, jump in to stand stretch jump ½ turn skip forwards slide down to
splits. < this hits all 4 requirements plus maximum 6 skills counted so it is the maximum start value is 12.60

You can download a full information pack here: Bolton Gymnastics Spring into Gymnastics 2017 Floor and Vault

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Greater Manchester regional and club Grades 2017 held at Robin park Wigan on 11th/12th Feb

15 gymnasts took part in British gymnastics NDP club and regional grades.

It was a 100% pass rate for the club once again.


Club Grade 6 In age

Millie Taylor – 62.000 Distinction 16th overall

Evie Cook –  60.601 Distinction 18th overall

Freya Burns – 59.184 Distinction 23rd overall

Kayla May Pass – 56.901 Commended 30th overall


Club grade 6 out of age

Izabella Walmsley – 59.868 Distinction 7th overall, 7th floor and 6th Range

Amelia-Grace Ashworth – 59.651 Distinction 8th overall, 8th Vault, 9th Bars, 9th range


Club grade 5 in age

Ellie Branthwaite – 59.351 Distinction, 19th overall, 6th vault

Layla Hargreaves – 59.867 Distinction, 17th overall

Emily cook – 54.884 Commended 25th overall

Caitlyn Sefton – 51.984 Pass 26th overall


Regional grade 4

Ella Morley – 56.484 Commended, 26th overall


Regional Grade 3

Kayleigh Weston – 58.250 Distinction 16th overall


Regional Grade 2

Heidi Robinson – 60.417 Distinction 2nd overall, 2nd vault, 2nd Beam, 2nd floor

Hannah Howarth – 57.434 Commended, 10th Bars, 7th Beam


Regional grade 1

Maddison Bell – 57.934 Distinction, 1st Vault, 1st Bars, 5th Beam, 5th Range

Miss Quatro 2017 – Angel of the North – Programme

Times and dates for registration of athletes attending Angel of the North Programme

It is important you double check registration dates in the attached document but please also find them summarised below:

Saturday – Round One Registration 7:00am – 7:30am
95 Holly Spence 12+ years Bolton GC 2B
102 Madison Disley 10 & 11 years Bolton GC 3A
103 Maisie Rimmer 10 & 11 years Bolton GC 3A
104 Isabel Monk 10 & 11 years Bolton GC 3A
105 Freya Heyes-Marsden 10 & 11 years Bolton GC 3A
106 Hana Klajic 10 & 11 years Bolton GC 3A
107 Katie Wood 10 & 11 years Bolton GC 3A
108 Libbi Thomas 10 & 11 years Bolton GC 3A

Saturday – Round Two Registration 10:00am – 10:30am
144 Millie Taylor 8 years Bolton GC 8A

Saturday – Round Three Registration 1:00pm – 1:30pm
210 Izabella Walmsley 9 years Bolton GC 11A
211 Amelia Ashworth 9 years Bolton GC 11A
212 Lucie Bates 9 years Bolton GC 11A

96 Lucie Olive 11+ years Bolton GC 12B
572 Lucy Jolly 11+ years Bolton GC 12B

318 Laya Hargreaves 9 years Bolton GC 20A

Saturday – Round Four Registration 4:00pm – 4:30pm
344 Megan Taylor 11+ years Bolton GC 19B
381 Kayleigh Weston 11+ years Bolton GC 19B

Sunday – Round Two Registration 10:00am – 10:30am
460 Heidi Robinson 12+ years Bolton GC 10A
461 Hannah Howarth 12+ years Bolton GC 10A

Sunday – Round Three Registration 1:40pm – 2:10pm
566 Maddison Bell 13+ years Bolton GC 15B

Good luck to all attending!

Download document here:

Miss Quatro Angel of the North Programme v2